Horse Sense

New acquisition …

On my recent visit to Superior, AZ, I wandered into a little shop on the main drag. Inside they were selling art from estate sales.

One fellow from the rez was there, and he had various antique masks and artifacts for sale. On the ground next to the table was a horse skull. He said it was his pony that died. I asked how much, he said $16. Sold. While a truly “found” object, it has a story. It was his horse. I now have an obligation to treat it with respect and hopefully incorporate it into a worthwhile art piece.

Feeling Superior

The first time I visited Superior, AZ, it was the epitome of a derelict former mining town. The buildings along the main drag were derelict, boarded up, crumbling. In many cases the facades hid an interior that was open to the sky.

There were a few struggling businesses catering to tourists, but not very much to induce one to spend more than a couple hours strolling. In six short years, that has changed dramatically. Continue reading “Feeling Superior”

Crown King obstacles

Here is video of my attempts to cross the first obstacle on the road from Lake pleasant to Crown King.

There are two such obstacles on the trail. It took me few tries to get over the rocks.  Next time I know the trick.

Crown King

At the staging area.

Saturday we took the RZR on the first real workout since I bought it. My boss lent me his truck, and JD, a friend, lent me his trailer. We went to Lake Pleasant, AZ (elevation 1700 ft.)Our destination was over the mountain, to Crown King (elevation 5900). We went from desert to mountains, from scrub brush and cactus to towering pines. Continue reading “Crown King”

The Drift Inn

The Drift Inn

Oil on canvas

Finally complete. The Drift Inn is one of my favorite haunts in Globe, Arizona. Dive bar, biker bar, local hangout, it has the best of everything.

Even at high noon the bar is dark inside. Residents of the local rez play pool. Southern rock or honkytonk country plays on the jukebox.

The Bloody Marys kick ass, or at least attempt to kick the previous night’s hangover. The hamburgers rate with those of any bar kitchen.

This painting will certainly be in the Drunks and Defectors exhibit in May.

Abstract Thoughts

Untitled as of yet

Oil on Canvas

Yet another nighttime stint in the studio, fueled by possibly too much Jameson.

There is a representational base underneath the layers of paint.  If you can figure it out, please tell me.



Night Drinking

Night Drinking

Liz Nicklus and I finally named the joint exhibit at Gallery 50 in Bridgeton, NJ this coming May.

Drunks and Defectors.

I have 15 bar-series paintings completed, and 3 more in the works. I have 5 abstracts that I am still debating on whether to include or not. I have 5 Desert Detritus clocks, and hope to build a few more.





Every now and then I have to  go into the studio late at night, clear my head, and just lay down paint on canvas.

I have plan, no agenda, no preconception. My abstractions are generally not pure abstract pieces, they usually have a basis in representational painting, albeit quite tenuous.

This abstraction is based on Lucky Strikes bar around the corner from me. Many a night I have left the pub and it looked quite like this through my alcohol tinged eyes.