Abstractly thinking

Oil on canvas

Sometimes I have to clear my head while in the studio. Working on a representational painting requires a certain amount of discipline and concentration.

I a not a strict representational painter, rather I take elements in real life and arrange them in what I hope is a pleasing and cohesive work. I follow the rules so far, stretch the rules where it pleases me. Continue reading “Abstractly thinking”

Pat Witt and the Barn

This is where it all began.

Well, not me and art. I was drawing since I was 5 years old. Painting since I was 13. An asshole since birth.

In 1996 I began attending the barn. I grew up hearing about the Barn, all of my friends attended. We were poor and my parents could not afford to send me. My dad referred to Pat Witt as “that crazy artist lady”. Continue reading “Pat Witt and the Barn”