Take Five Artists new rack card

Take Five Artists Rack CardTake Five Artists have had a personnel change recently. We wish Susan the best, but sometimes marriages and partnerships don’t work as easily as anticipated.  We are now back down to five artists in our consortium.

We all are working hard on advertising our brand. While we each bring our unique perspective and style to the table, if there were to be one unifying theme to our work, I would argue that it is our use of color.

I am more of an abstract expressionist; Liz works in mixed media bordering on abstraction; Sharon is a realist playing with abstraction; Nancy deals in pure abstraction; and Rosalie excels at portraits and realist and impressionistic scenes.

As the season winds down in the Valley – events slow down as the Valley heats up – as a group we are refining our online presence, creating new work, and working on our exhibitions this autumn and next year.

I plan to be exhibiting more paintings, some purely abstract, and showing less 3-dimensional sculpture in our upcoming shows.

For up-to-date information on Take Five Artists please visit our website.