Support your local artist

Take Five Artists have an ongoing exhibition this summer at University Club of Phoenix.  Enjoy breakfast or lunch and enjoy our art which is hung throughout the dining areas.

Meet the artists Sunday, September 26 from 2-4 pm for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Refreshments of the alcoholic nature are available at the cash bar.

If you want a free drink, buy a piece of art and I promise we will take care of you. Support your local artist!

A trip to Roger’s Trough and the “Treasure Trove”

This past Saturday, good friend Dave and I spent the day in the Superstition Wilderness interior.  I will be dividing this trip into several posts, as there is so much to discuss.

Roger’s Trough was located adjacent to the Silver Chief Mine.  The Roger’s trough trailhead is fairly easy to reach. Just head north from SR60 to an unimproved road 172 east of Florence Junction SR79. Any 2-wheel drive vehicle with decent clearance can make this leg of the journey, but a 4-wheel drive is preferred. Continue reading “A trip to Roger’s Trough and the “Treasure Trove””