INFERNO, burning the bridges behind us

INFERNO, burning the bridges behind us
222 pages of fascinating insights by artists and musicians from the pages of the infamous Inferno Newspaper.

From 2000 til 2007 I published an underground arts newspaper in South Jersey, It covered the arts scene in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and other points on the map.

With a slate of a dozen contributors, we enjoyed a good run. The then economy tanked.  Not one to stop capitalizing on a good thing, I pulled the best articles from every issue and compiles them into one journal.

The full color edition sells for a premium at $40.98, still a steal in this day and age! Available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.   If the price is too high you cheap bastard, you can get the economy edition for $14.98, also at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The economy edition contains all of the wit and wisdom of the premium edition, only in black and white.

In addition to the original articles, every writer also contributed forwards and never before published articles for this unique book. this is a must have for your bathroom library, and in case of emergency, the pages can be used in the place of toilet paper.


Bar Exam, too

Bar Exam, too
56 pages of bar stool wisdom. My favorite drink recipes. Paintings of bars from Key West, New Orleans and elsewhere.

Get this from Amazon for $10.

Help this starving artist pay off debt and order yours today!

Bar Exam, Musings from the Barstool

Bar Exam, Musings from the Barstool

If you enjoy my American Bar Series of paintings but can’t afford one, or the one you want has been sold, here is a second best choice.

44 pages of paintings, wit and my personal life experiences from the bar stool. Get it from Amazon for under $10.  What a deal!

Mosaic Murals

Mosaic Murals – tackling large scale installations

I co-authored this instructional booklet along with artist Liz Nicklus.  It is available on Amazon for an amazing low price of $16.00.  If you don’t like feeding the Amazon juggernaut, it is also available on Barnes and Noble.

If you order today, you can have it by Christmas. A perfect gift for that difficult to buy for mosaic artist in your life.

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

The book is thin, but chock full of images and step by step instructions on creating large scale mosaics installations.  Liz and I write this book when we discovered that there were no books available on this subject. Liz studied under Philadelphia legend Isaiah Zagar.

Together we have several public art installations in New Jersey. This book is based on our personal experiences.

Souls of Forgotten Objects

Souls of Forgotten Objects
Sedona Arts Center

I have three Desert Detritus Clocks in this exhibit.  There is still time before Christmas to see this amazing exhibit.