End of Shift
Acrylic on canvas

This painting was originally 28×30. Age has not been kind to the canvas. The stretcher frame warped and twisted, and I removed the canvas from the frame years ago. The canvas shrunk. Continue reading “Larry’s”

Whiskey Row

Whiskey Row Pub – Jannette
oil on canvas

It only took me four months to keep my promise.

Liz and I stayed in Prescott, AZ over the Christmas holiday.We stayed at the Hotel St Michael, at the very beginning of Whiskey Row. Continue reading “Whiskey Row”

Drumming up business

The Drummer Crew
(Mesa Drummer, Mesa, AZ)
oil on canvas, 16×20

The Mesa Drummer is truly a dive bar. After work any day of the week you will find the regular crew of miscreants.

Blue collar types. Retired folks looking for a friendly place. The front tables are reserved (pun intended) for residents of the Pima/Salt River rez. Continue reading “Drumming up business”

Drunkards and Defectors

This is the postcard for our joint exhibit in May. We each will have at least 25 works on display.

The bulk of my show will be my American Bar series, all new and never before shown paintings.

I also will have my Desert Detritus clocks in the show, and possibly some purely abstract pieces.

The Drift Inn

The Drift Inn

Oil on canvas

Finally complete. The Drift Inn is one of my favorite haunts in Globe, Arizona. Dive bar, biker bar, local hangout, it has the best of everything.

Even at high noon the bar is dark inside. Residents of the local rez play pool. Southern rock or honkytonk country plays on the jukebox.

The Bloody Marys kick ass, or at least attempt to kick the previous night’s hangover. The hamburgers rate with those of any bar kitchen.

This painting will certainly be in the Drunks and Defectors exhibit in May.

Night Drinking

Night Drinking

Liz Nicklus and I finally named the joint exhibit at Gallery 50 in Bridgeton, NJ this coming May.

Drunks and Defectors.

I have 15 bar-series paintings completed, and 3 more in the works. I have 5 abstracts that I am still debating on whether to include or not. I have 5 Desert Detritus clocks, and hope to build a few more.



Drift Inn

Drift Inn
oil on canvas

Again, sorry about the poor photo. This is the second painting I completed today.

The Drift Inn in Globe, AZ is one of those places that would be dangerous if I lived in Globe.

The 50 mile drive home is treacherous even when sober. A twisting mountain road is the only way home. The drive home is the only thing that keeps me honest.

The clientele is a mixed bag. Bikers, locals, and Apaches from the nearby San Carlos rez are regulars. A great kitchen and walls decorated with nude paintings … what else could one hope for at a dive bar?

This too, will be part of my exhibition of all never before shown works. The best thing about painting bar scenes is that my bar tabs are tax deductible!

Night Drinking

Night Drinking

oil on canvas

I completed a painting today. The photograph is not the best. It is still wet, and it is extremely difficult to take a decent pic when the painting is still wet. In two weeks I will be able to take a proper shot when it is dry. Even ambient light causes unwanted glare.

While I am a fairly social being, drinking at the pub is expensive. Sometimes I do my best drinking alone. This painting is the result of one such night. It will be on exhibit at my two-person exhibit at Gallery 50 next May.

In the studio

On Christmas break from work; don’t return until January 2. I spent some time in the studio getting it into shape to for working.

I removed two obsolete fluorescent fixtures and installed daylight LED lights. There is still a lot of clutter to be straightened up but I am at least able to reach the easels.

I worked on two paintings that I had started earlier in the year, before the summer heat kicked me out of the studio. Continue reading “In the studio”