God does not live in buildings made by the hands of man

Winter in Apache Junction is a bust time of year.  Lost Dutchman Days, the Rodeo, the Renaissance Festival, hiking while the weather is amenable…

I am still painting, getting ready for my exhibit in May at Gallery 50 in Bridgeton, NJ.  Today I ordered frames for the newest paintings, almost finished.

And locally, there is an exhibit of Found Object art.  I entered four found object sculptures to be juried in.  Hopefully they accept one of them. Continue reading “Exhibitionism”

Horse Sense

New acquisition …

On my recent visit to Superior, AZ, I wandered into a little shop on the main drag. Inside they were selling art from estate sales.

One fellow from the rez was there, and he had various antique masks and artifacts for sale. On the ground next to the table was a horse skull. He said it was his pony that died. I asked how much, he said $16. Sold. While a truly “found” object, it has a story. It was his horse. I now have an obligation to treat it with respect and hopefully incorporate it into a worthwhile art piece.



mixed media assemblage

No matter what I do, I can’t get a good photo of this piece.

It is a cigar box, painted black. Inside is a panting of the crucifixion. In front is a glass with an X-ray of a skull.

Sort of like the ultimate skull fuck.

God doesn’t play dice

God doesn’t play dice with the Universe

Albert Einstein said that. I believe it may have been in reference to Schroedinger and his cat.

One of my pastimes is reading about quantum mechanics, particle physics and philosophy. Einstein believed in a set order of the universe, Schroedinger believed in the universe changing depending on observation. Nothing happens unless it is observed. The cat is both alive and dead, and neither dead nor alive, until observed.

Light is both particles and waves. It reacts differently depending on the observer. Light is a wave if you are looking for waves, but it is comprised of particles if that is what you are seeking to observe.

I still can’t wrap my head around that, but it has been proved experimentally.

One of my favorite books is out of print, “The Dancing WuLi Masters” by Gary Zukov. It explains quantum mechanics in layman’s language, without all the mind-boggling math at which I am barely sufficient.

Faces in the window

Faces in the Window

Mixed media found object

Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia had a group exhibit. One of the members had all of the windows in his South Philly row house replaced, and offered the old windows to the gallery for a challenge.

Every member was allowed to select a frame, and use it in an art piece.

The faces on my window were made with hot glue over a glass head. I then added found objects from my neighborhood, including used syringes, spent bullet casings, an old cassette tape, and other detritus. I think I was selected for an award on this, but it was so long ago, I sort of forget.

God doesn’t play dice with the universe

A game…

Maybe god does play dice? But who am I to challenge Einstein?

This was found object/assemblage, I made the dice out of Sculpy; they were dice with the elemental symbols.  They were encaged in a chicken wire enclosure.

Shake the head and the dice came up with different combinations of elemental combinations. So maybe we are all really a dice game?





Copper wire, the lid off of a rusty bread box… does anybody still know what a bread box is? And an egg shell.

Greed traps one in your own possessions. One of the seven deadly sins, it seems that the only sin that religion cares to condemn is that of a sexual nature.

But I would rather be a fornicator than slothful, or greedy or a glutton.


Copyright Christ

Copyright Christ

Styrofoam circles, wood panel, various paints, and a bendable wood figure that every art student has owned at one time or another. I finally found a use for mine.

It seems to me that religion is becoming more and more corporate. Churches are run by boards. Jesus did not command his disciples to “Go forth and create a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation”. I think these mega church institutions have forgotten the human element, the people they are supposed to serve.

Romulus and Remus

Sometimes simple is better.

My good friend Fred Kramer came upon a large crate of ceramic doll parts. Creepy.

A glass shade for an overhead lamp serves as the base, and some silicone glue to secure everything… three pieces of other people’s trash.