Pat Witt and the Barn

This is where it all began.

Well, not me and art. I was drawing since I was 5 years old. Painting since I was 13. An asshole since birth.

In 1996 I began attending the barn. I grew up hearing about the Barn, all of my friends attended. We were poor and my parents could not afford to send me. My dad referred to Pat Witt as “that crazy artist lady”. Continue reading “Pat Witt and the Barn”

Something Mo’

The second book I published, after my own, was a gift to Morel “Mo” Pagano. It too was a compilation of articles originally published in Inferno newspaper. It was titled Mo Knows.

The book was a surprise and a birthday gift to him.

I have never had traditionally usual friends. Usually only one or two close friends. Mo was in his 80’s when we met. He became Liz and my best friend in short order. Continue reading “Something Mo’”


On my recent visit to the California Science Center I viewed exhibits from the past (King Tut) and the future. The Endeavour was NASA’s fifth and final shuttle. It is now permanently housed at the California Science center. Continue reading “Endeavour”

Treasures of King Tut

We spent Thanksgiving in San Diego this year. Thanksgiving dinner was non-traditional… at an Irish pub in the gas lamp district.

Friday, we went to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. LA is a filthy city. Okay, so that was a non sequitur. We went to the premier of the King Tut exhibit, the first of ten cities the show will be in. Two floors of antiquities.  Continue reading “Treasures of King Tut”


We had an excuse to clean up the patio and yard a bit.

The outside bar became a clearing house for clutter that we were too lazy to put away properly.

The table was another halfway house for clutter.  Yeah I use the 120º heat as an excuse not to work and clean up during the summer.

The yard is not entirely presentable, but the ramada is now cozy and neat.  The weather is now perfect for spending time outdoors.

Soon we will finish the mosaic on the wall, and I will finish my bottle wall next to the studio. Of course, I now have to put time in the studio. I have to install the new lighting, necessary for me since I usually paint at night. Between now and May 2019 I have to come up with at least a dozen new paintings, and as many Desert Detritus Clocks.



Sometimes my 3-dimensional objects have no real meaning. This was one of them. I just built it for aesthetic reasons. Yes, I am weird!


Religion – the house of God

Our English word religion has a Greek heritage. The Greek prefix for Religion is “religio” meaning “to bind up”.

Binding up can be good, as in binding up a wound. But it has another connotation, meaning to restrain.

Now restraint can be fun in some situations… meaning that law enforcement is not involved! But in a religious context, I think Jesus said he wanted to free people, not restrain them. Too often, our religions seek to restrain not only people but God, too.

I don’t think God likes to be restrained. I haven’t met him, so maybe he has kinks. I mean, he said we are created in his image, and I have kinks. Are my kinks His? If so, I feel sorry for him.

why now?

Something new to occupy my time.

Not really.

Anyone that knows me understands that I have owned for over 20 years.

What is wuli? Long story.  My good friend, the late Dr. Bruce Morgan , turned me on to the Gary Zukav book from the 1970’s, The Dancing Wu Li Masters.

With its unique combination of depth, clarity, and humor that has enchanted millions, this beloved classic by bestselling author Gary Zukav opens the fascinating world of quantum physics to readers with no mathematical or technical background. “Wu Li” is the Chinese phrase for physics. It means “patterns of organic energy,” but it also means “nonsense,” “my way,” “I clutch my ideas,” and “enlightenment.” These captivating ideas frame Zukav’s evocative exploration of quantum mechanics and relativity theory. Delightfully easy to read, The Dancing Wu Li Masters illuminates the compelling powers at the core of all we know.

This book introduced me to particle physics and quantum mechanics. This occurred during a time in my life of flood change. The domain was available and I bought it.  For twenty years, has been an outlet for me to express myself.

I have had many offers to sell the domain. I turned them all down. Twenty years is a lot to suddenly walk away from. Hell, I have had my email, for longer than some people I work with have lived.

This past week has been hell as I have tried to go through every online account I have ever had and attempted to change the email to my new address.

But, I finally got an offer I could not refuse. No horse heads. No dead fish. Not enough money to retire on… no such luck. But my motorcycle will now have a clear title. My credit cards will have a zero balance.  I will have a little bit of money in savings.

So the aggravation of populating this blog with posts is a minor irritation. My attention will be focused on art. My art, other’s art. Hell, I am an artist and I need to get back to business.