Desert Rain

Desert rain - found object sculptureDesert Rain
Found Object Sculpture (driftwood, rebar, mahogany, dead scorpion)
Approx. 45″ tall

Arizona is hot. 2020 was a record year, boasting more days with a temperature above 115°F since the temperatures in the Sonoran Desert have been recorded. There is no rain in sight for this monsoon season.

What is in sight for 2020 is an exhibition for Take 5, a group of local artists – I am one of the five. The show will run the month of December in the gallery at OneOhOne in Mesa Arizona.The other five artists tend towards the abstract mixed media. I am the odd man out – the only male of the group, with more representational abstract expressionist paintings as well as my found object sculptures.

Oh, you are probably still hung up at the other five artists besides myself in Take 5.  Dammit Jim, we are artists, not mathematicians! My American Bar Series will be featured, as will be my Desert Detritus clocks and found object sculptures. I will post more about the exhibit as well as the group in the future.



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