Feeling Superior

Last weekend we attended the Mining Festival and burro races in Superior, AZ.

Superior is a town that has had its ups and downs.  Many times a ghost town, Superior is rising again.

The day’s events included a parade, live music, a beer garden, food tents and more.

We arrived early to get some photos before the crowds arrived.  We visited our favorite gallery, ate some fresh handmade donuts, listened to the music and had lunch at the Silver King.

The town is set against the backdrop of Apache Leap. There are still too many empty store fronts, waiting for a loving restoration.

The weather was perfect. Domestic beers at the beer garden were $3 each, no price gouging here.

Superior is a place I can see spending my retirement.  It is too far from any meaningful employment, unless you are in the mining industry or able to work from home. The pace is slow, the people are friendly.

About an hour or more from Phoenix, it is not too far from “civilization” if that is what you call the rat race. Superior is home to many artists. By artists, I am not referring to weekend painters, but outsiders creating truly unique art.

Superior is worth a day trip.

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