Free Graphics Program

PhotoPea is an excellent free graphics program.

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or use Photoshop for any reason, and want to be free of Abobe’s strangulating pay per month scheme, PhotoPea is a robust professional level graphics editing application.

If you are well-versed in Photoshop, then the learning curve is lean. One caveat, it is a web based application, so you must have a good high speed internet connection.

There are plenty of YouTube how-to videos available. As a working artist, paying $250 a year in perpetuity does not fall in my budget; it really cuts into my drinking budget.  I have an outdated version of Photoshop Elements which works for basic editing.  However, the full-fledged features that I often need are not supported. Enter PhotoPea. It is easier to use than Gimp. Best of all, no downloads.

PhotoPea supports .PSD, .AI, .PDF, and can even edit CorelDraw images. And there is never any fee. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.


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