Here nor there…

emery's mineI have been working overtime updating my website.

This year I sold my domain of 20 years. I accepted an offer I could not refuse.

I activated a domain I owned and held in reserve, which if you haven’t guessed, is I am focusing my posts on art related content; but what is an artist without his environment?

This photo was taken on the San Carlos reservation, at my friend Emery’s peridot mine. Emery’s mine will be the subject of a future post. The San Carlos reservation holds the largest deposit of peridot in the world. Only Apache may mine it.

But back to the subject… I have been searching my archives and adding pics of my sculpture and paintings in preparation of an upcoming exhibit at Gallery 50 in Bridgeton, NJ early next year.

I want my new website/blog to be current, but also to have some content. Most posts will be of my current and past work. I am also adding a scattering of local information. After all, the artist is as much a part of the final product as the art itself.

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