Shaken, not stirred

Oil on Canvas, 48″x60″

The cocktail that James Bond ordered with the famous line, “…shaken, not stirred” was a Vesper, not a Martini.

A proper Martini is gin and dry vermouth, with a dash of bitters. A Vesper is gin, vodka and Kina Lillet.

Okay, I will allow that a Martini may be made with vodka, but that is not my preferred ingredient.

Purests insist that a martini be stirred, so as not to ‘bruise the gin’. Bruise the gin?  What the fuck does that mean? I like my Martinis shaken, not vigorously, to attain a better chill.

This painting was done during a binge of several Martinis, as the empty Boodle’s Gin bottle suggests. This painting is now in a private collection somewhere in NJ.

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