Not all art requires a paintbrush and canvas

As an artist, I tend to love anything creative, and more so if it involves using my hands. Woodworking is a creative and therapeutic outlet for a restless mind.

My found object, re-purposed art is a fun outlet.  I have been employed in the large format print/ fabrication industry for the past eight years. Some of the moist exciting projects involved carpentry.

The photos here show a child’s playhouse with a spiral staircase.  I am certain the time spent on this project was way more than an experienced carpenter would have required.

The project was designed with EnCad, a program much beyond my scope of experience or ability. The wood was cut on a MultiCam CNC router, all part of my abilities. 3/4″ marine grade plywood and Luan were used in the construction.

The wood was primed and then coated with Rhino coat, which is a 2-part epoxy based coating used in pickup truck bedliners. The stairs were simply coated with poly-acrylic.  The shell, after assembly, was then covered with Styrofoam that was shaped to resemble tree bark, and that was coated with Rhino coat.
The end result was a fun play tree house.  I unfortunately never got to see the finished result, which included a rail around the perimeter and a treehouse on the top. It now resides in a church somewhere in Utah for their children’s ministry.

This was one of several pieces that they ordered to fit their theme.

Wood is one of the most versatile materials that can be used to create almost anything one can imagine.

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