Prescott, AZ

I went to Prescott (pronounced press-kit) AZ after Christmas. Prescott is known for Whiskey Row, once a notorious street populated by saloons and whore houses.  The likes of Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp walked the streets and visited the businesses of Whiskey Row.

The Hotel St. Michael occupies the corner of the block, and marks the beginning of Whiskey Row. The Palace is next door… the oldest restaurant in Arizona.

The Palace is a tourist trap. I found out the hard way when I waited fifteen minutes at the bar to not be served. Continue reading “Prescott, AZ”

In the studio

On Christmas break from work; don’t return until January 2. I spent some time in the studio getting it into shape to for working.

I removed two obsolete fluorescent fixtures and installed daylight LED lights. There is still a lot of clutter to be straightened up but I am at least able to reach the easels.

I worked on two paintings that I had started earlier in the year, before the summer heat kicked me out of the studio. Continue reading “In the studio”


On my recent visit to the California Science Center I viewed exhibits from the past (King Tut) and the future. The Endeavour was NASA’s fifth and final shuttle. It is now permanently housed at the California Science center. Continue reading “Endeavour”

Treasures of King Tut

We spent Thanksgiving in San Diego this year. Thanksgiving dinner was non-traditional… at an Irish pub in the gas lamp district.

Friday, we went to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. LA is a filthy city. Okay, so that was a non sequitur. We went to the premier of the King Tut exhibit, the first of ten cities the show will be in. Two floors of antiquities.  Continue reading “Treasures of King Tut”


We had an excuse to clean up the patio and yard a bit.

The outside bar became a clearing house for clutter that we were too lazy to put away properly.

The table was another halfway house for clutter.  Yeah I use the 120º heat as an excuse not to work and clean up during the summer.

The yard is not entirely presentable, but the ramada is now cozy and neat.  The weather is now perfect for spending time outdoors.

Soon we will finish the mosaic on the wall, and I will finish my bottle wall next to the studio. Of course, I now have to put time in the studio. I have to install the new lighting, necessary for me since I usually paint at night. Between now and May 2019 I have to come up with at least a dozen new paintings, and as many Desert Detritus Clocks.

Plane wasted

Plane wasted
oil on canvas

One of my larger paintings done at 3AM.

Sometimes a painting does not have to have a meaning. I paint because I have a compulsion to paint. I use whatever is laying around the house… in this case a bottle of bourbon I was drinking and an antique plane from my collection of old tools. I am an old tool, so it is only fitting I collect old tools.




mixed media assemblage

No matter what I do, I can’t get a good photo of this piece.

It is a cigar box, painted black. Inside is a panting of the crucifixion. In front is a glass with an X-ray of a skull.

Sort of like the ultimate skull fuck.