Peace, Peace and there is no Peace

Democrat demagogues are bashing their foreheads into walls and gnashing their teeth because their nemesis Donald J. Trump has been nominated for two Nobel Peace Prizes.

Unlike Obama’s Peace Prize, the despised president of the USA has acted and earned this distinction.  Trump has been consistent on one thing, and that is his hatred of war.

The Huffington Post was quick to scream out at a misspelling of Nobel… and true to form no major media paper would acknowledge this accomplishment.  However, this disgrace of a president negotiated two peace treaties that if they last will save countless thousands of lives.

Even Joe Biden agreed with his move to bring troops back home from the worthless middle east wars. Obama promised, Trump delivered.

I try not to get mired in divisional politics on my website.  I am an artist. But sometimes facts need to be shared.

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