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Sawblade Clock

It has been over a month since I have had time to revisit the site. Every weekend has been scheduled full with events. Winter, in Arizona, is everyone else’s summer. March is winding down, and the snowbirds are migrating back home.

I have no exhibitions in the near future. Festivals and events are on the wane, as we gear up for summer and the extreme heat that keeps visitors at bay.  It is 96°F on a lazy Saturday afternoon. This is the second weekend in a row that we have had no obligations. Liz and I are using these days while the weather is still bearable to organize the tool shed, the studio, and the office. And today I was actually able to spend quality time in the studio.

The shed and studio reorganizations were top priority, while the temperatures are still bearable. Oh, and the yard work… we had a rather wet winter, with unseasonable rains. A little moisture causes the weeds to go into overdrive.

I created a new Superstition Sawblade Clock today. As a found/rescued/repurposed object artist, nothing goes to waste. Old sawblades are not trash, they are a canvas. I adopt a primitive style in my desert landscapes on these blades, add clock works, and create affordable outsider art. Functional art for those that can still tell time with an analog clock.

I worked on a painting that has been eluding me for too long, fighting me every step of the way. It is still a ways off from resolution, and I think I found direction today.  Two double Gin and Tonics may have helped me find direction. Time will tell.

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