Two Decades of Selected Solo, Invitational & Juried Exhibitions

Gallery One-Oh-One, Mesa, AZ

Two Decades of Selected Solo, Invitational & Juried Exhibitions and other stuff:

This month I will have been on this planet for 60 years. This comes as a surprise to many friends and family.

I have been actively exhibiting  for 2 of those six decades.  Oh, I was in art shows prior to 2001.  But thereabouts, I decided to take my art from hobby to professional. That was the beginning of my American Bar Series of paintings of local dive bars.

with Sharon Keifer, Director, Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ

You will notice a void of almost a decade, an absence of public art exhibitions.  In 2011, Liz and I made a decision to radially relocate,  to pick up roots from as far east coast as one could get to as far west as one could get without going to California.

It is very difficult for an artist to relocate across country, and continue life as normal. We made the move in 2012. And first order of business was creating a work space, as our house has no room for a studio, let alone two.

Within a few months, the decrepit shed on our property was transformed into a spacious 16’x24′ studio. I then had room and time to create. Almost all of my local bar paintings have sold, all without the benefit of a show. It took a fateful meeting of like minded artists in the East Valley to break the inertia of not exhibiting for several years.

Holland Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Anyone in the business of art understands that it is much easier to get a show if you are known.  Expect to see more shows added to this list in the near future.

09/21 “Take Five Artists” The University Club, Phoenix, AZ
12/20 “Take Five Artists” Gallery One-Oh-One, Mesa, AZ
10/20 “A picture is worth a Thousand Words” Take Five Groups Show, Holland Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
05/19 “Drunkards and Defectors” with Nicklus, Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ
06/10 “Loose Constellations” with Nicklus, Pagano, Quigley, Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ
10/09 “CCOAST” Open Studio Tours, Cumberland County, NJ
07/09 “Driven to Abstraction” with Liz Nicklus, Smile Gallery, Phila, PA
04/09 “Hamlet” DaVinci @ Lantern Theater, Phila, PA
01/09 “Through My Window” (2nd place) Smile Gallery, Phila, PA (2nd Place)
09/08 “Bonfire of the Travesties” Millville, NJ
07/08 “Found Objects, New Contexts” Da Vinci Art Alliance, Phila, PA
06/08 “Fading Ways” w/ Nicklus & Quigley Riverfront Renaissance Ctr. For the Arts, Mlv. NJ
06/08 “The 5 Senses” w/ Liz Nicklus Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ
05/08 Featured Artist* New Revelation Records, Mlv. NJ
10/07 “Toying with Art” Art in City Hall, Phila, PA
09/07 “Illumination and Reflection” Gallery at St. Asaphs, Bala Cynwyd, PA (1st Place)
07/07 “Sightlines” Riverfront Renaissance Ctr. For the Arts, Mlv. NJ
09/06 “Sightlines” Hopkins House, Haddon Twp, NJ
08/06 “Sightlines” Long Beach Island Center for the Arts, NJ
04/06 “Sightlines” Atlantic City Art Center, NJ
03/06 “Flying Solo”* Brenner’s Brew, Bridgeton, NJ
02/06 “Cut It Out” Da Vinci Art Alliance, Phila, PA
10/05 “International Bumper Sticker Show “ Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC
10/05 “Outlaw Artist”* Gallery at Yoga Nine, Smithville, NJ
07/05 “Nature and the Landscape” Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ
10/04 “Descent”* Da Vinci Art Alliance, Phila, PA
08/04 “Scenes From an Abandoned Mind” * HSD Gallery, Millville, NJ
08/04 “Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity” Phillips Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA
05/04 “Birds Just Know” Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ
08/03 “My Town” * Riverfront Renaissance Ctr. For the Arts, Mlv. NJ
04/03 “American Bar Series” * HSD Gallery, Millville, NJ
10/02 “American Bar Series” * The Coffee Works, Voorhees, NJ
09/02 “G-9: Crossing Borders” Cape May County Art League, Cape May, NJ
09/01 “Glasstown Nine Group Show” HSD Gallery, Millville, NJ

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