Bulldog Pass

We took the RZR out for a drive Sunday morning to Bulldog Pass.

Bulldog is Arizona’s version of a member’s only club… you have to contact the fire service to get a six month pass. It is free. And only four wheel drive capable vehicles or dirt bikes need apply, your Toyota Camry will not cut it.

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RZRs edge

The deed is done.

It has been a hectic few weeks. I sold www.wuli.com last week. No horse heads in my my bed, but I was made an offer I could not refuse.

I paid off the Harley. I paid off the credit cards. Then I jumped right back into debt with the purchase of a 2016 RZR.

The money is all spent… except for the savings I held for taxes next year.  But my only bill is for fun. And life goes on.