Petroglyph Hike

One of the great things about living in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains is the presence of hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

The Superstitions are considered some of the most arduous in North America. With summer temperatures hovering well over 110°F (43°C) and monsoon rains causing flash floods with little to no warning, many people die every year on the trails.

The Apache believe the Superstitions are holy, and that one needs to be purified before entering the wilderness.

One of the easier hikes is called the improperly named the Hieroglyphic Trail. Accessed off of King’s Ranch Road, the trail is not as strenuous as many. Not much shade, the 1.5 mile hike is a bit rocky and had a steady incline. Continue reading “Petroglyph Hike”


One of a dual panels that we did for the health department in Gloucester County, NJ.

A small installation, but really fun to work on.

This was in the Health Department. We did two pieces, this is the main one.

Before Raritan College, this was our last big work in New Jersey. All of our mosaics are done on site, one piece at a time. We cut pieces to fit. Stained glass and ceramic, with tile.

There are faster ways to do it, but we like to do it one piece at a time.



So help me Jesus

So help me Jesus

This was an old cigar box that I aged with fire and paint.  Religious statues are a favorite find. I search auctions and yard sales for these objects.

Who can hate Scooby Doo? Certainly Jesus would not cast him out to the lake of fire.



We all wear masks. We wear a professional mask at work every day.  We wear a different mask when out at the local pub or disco. Often our masks are different from who we really are.

Maybe one day we can trade masks…

Crucify me

Found object art.

I scavenge the desert washes for detritus. This old fan cover was one such piece I removed as my duty to remove trash from the pristine desert.

The picture of jesus was unsolicited junk mail… there it nothing like making your god trash, eh? Yes, god imprisoned behind human detritus, something I see daily.

The lights are on but nobody’s home

Sometimes art is just for art. Sometimes, it is not.

My paintings are generally not editorials, they are paintings of a moment in time, a moment in my time.

My Desert Detritus Clocks, I suppose, are a statement in environmentalism, of respect (or evidence of disrespect) for one’s environment.

My found objects generally have a political or religious overtone.

Most of the pieces present ideas that are apparent for those that are tuned into current events. The religious pieces are more obscure. And some pieces have no meaning except to a few select people.

This piece served a purpose at one time, mostly to piss off political assholes in a town I used to live in. Some newspaper articles concerning closed-minded assholes that sought to prevent anything positive from happening in our town, and a fake light bulb along with a title guaranteed to inflame their sensitive natures…

Lady in Red

Lady in Red
Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Parcheesi pieces, an old cork, a German porcelain doll head, a brass base for something… all repurposed into what some people have said is a creepy piece.

I love playing with old junk and turning it into sculpture.. Maybe someday I can make money doing this!


The Old Absinthe House

Absinthe HouseNothing goes together like art and absinthe.

Absinthe was the drink of choice of Toulouse Lautrec and Vincent Van Gogh, among other well known alcoholics.

Only recently made legal once again in the United States, it was also the drink of choice at the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans prior to prohibition.

When I spent a week in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, I spent my afternoons at the Absinthe House on Rue Bourbon. The day time bartender was Wendy. She came to NOLA from Chicago.

It is rumored that Andrew Jackson met with the pirate Jean Lafitte at the Old Absinthe House to help end the war of 1812. The original copper topped bar survived Prohibition, having been stowed in the basement during the purge caused by hateful alcohol abolitionists.



Sometimes my 3-dimensional objects have no real meaning. This was one of them. I just built it for aesthetic reasons. Yes, I am weird!