Pontoon afternoon

Quarantine is something you do to people that are sick.  This current lockdown is a farce – with scarce scientific data an entire country has been brought to its knees.

Healthy people are being locked away – apparently “my body, my choice” only applies if you are liberal and want to kill an unborn baby. Continue reading “Pontoon afternoon”

Knowing Mo

Knowing MoWorking on the latest book. It has been four years since Morel “Mo” Pagano passed. I have finally gotten around to sorting through the piles of ephemera we left in my care –  personal mementos,  hand written drafts of articles, cartoons – all of which are being compiled in this retrospective of his life, in his own words.

I am getting help from those that knew him well.  In this book I am being careful not to tread on or duplicate stories from his three books. All three remain in print and are available from Amazon.com. Continue reading “Knowing Mo”

Quarantine Fun

Bureaucrats in Washington DC dictated that national parks be closed. I can’t take my kayak into the lakes that are part of the Tonto National Forest.

I can’t hike the trails of the Superstition Wilderness that is part of Tonto. But somehow, Walmart is okay. Continue reading “Quarantine Fun”