Support your local artist

Take Five Artists have an ongoing exhibition this summer at University Club of Phoenix.  Enjoy breakfast or lunch and enjoy our art which is hung throughout the dining areas.

Meet the artists Sunday, September 26 from 2-4 pm for hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Refreshments of the alcoholic nature are available at the cash bar.

If you want a free drink, buy a piece of art and I promise we will take care of you. Support your local artist!

A trip to Roger’s Trough and the “Treasure Trove”

This past Saturday, good friend Dave and I spent the day in the Superstition Wilderness interior.  I will be dividing this trip into several posts, as there is so much to discuss.

Roger’s Trough was located adjacent to the Silver Chief Mine.  The Roger’s trough trailhead is fairly easy to reach. Just head north from SR60 to an unimproved road 172 east of Florence Junction SR79. Any 2-wheel drive vehicle with decent clearance can make this leg of the journey, but a 4-wheel drive is preferred. Continue reading “A trip to Roger’s Trough and the “Treasure Trove””

Take Five Artists new rack card

Take Five Artists Rack CardTake Five Artists have had a personnel change recently. We wish Susan the best, but sometimes marriages and partnerships don’t work as easily as anticipated.  We are now back down to five artists in our consortium.

We all are working hard on advertising our brand. While we each bring our unique perspective and style to the table, if there were to be one unifying theme to our work, I would argue that it is our use of color.

I am more of an abstract expressionist; Liz works in mixed media bordering on abstraction; Sharon is a realist playing with abstraction; Nancy deals in pure abstraction; and Rosalie excels at portraits and realist and impressionistic scenes.

As the season winds down in the Valley – events slow down as the Valley heats up – as a group we are refining our online presence, creating new work, and working on our exhibitions this autumn and next year.

I plan to be exhibiting more paintings, some purely abstract, and showing less 3-dimensional sculpture in our upcoming shows.

For up-to-date information on Take Five Artists please visit our website.


Feeling Superior

Town Hall Superior AZApache Leap swerves as the backdrop to this old Arizona mining town.  Founded in the late 1870’s, Superior was originally named Queen, due it’s proximity to Queen Valley and the Queen Creek.

Later it became Hastings, and in 1902 it became Superior, after the Lake Superior and Arizona Copper Company.

The Magma mine (also the Silver Queen), and later the Silver King mine depleted all of the silver. The mines changed hands, just in time for copper to become king.

The copper industry supported the town for years. Superior has had its ups and downs following the trends of the copper industry. Continue reading “Feeling Superior”

Make Art, Not freinds

Just something  little different – Sturgill Simpson getting away from his country/folk roots.  I like the title of the song.


American Bar Series at the University Club, Phoenix

Jake’s ‘o Mine, Apache Junction, AZ

Jake’s ‘o Mine is one of five American Bar Series paintings I have on display with Take Five Artists at the University Club in Phoenix.

If you scroll down on this link, you will see all of the artists and the work that is on display. All work is available for purchase, and 20% of the purchase price goes to support the University Club.


Holland Gallery Opening Reception

Take Five Artists Opening reception at Holland Gallery in Carefree, AZ.

Finally! We had an opening reception at a gallery that did not mandate masks!

Holland Gallery is a fantastic space for artists. The staff is top notch, friendly, helpful, loving. I wish I had more paintings for display. I am working on more, trust me.  Most of my available work is three-dimensional. The gallery is geared to paintings, and I have four paintings on display. Continue reading “Holland Gallery Opening Reception”