A trip to Roger’s Trough and the “Treasure Trove”

This past Saturday, good friend Dave and I spent the day in the Superstition Wilderness interior.  I will be dividing this trip into several posts, as there is so much to discuss.

Roger’s Trough was located adjacent to the Silver Chief Mine.  The Roger’s trough trailhead is fairly easy to reach. Just head north from SR60 to an unimproved road 172 east of Florence Junction SR79. Any 2-wheel drive vehicle with decent clearance can make this leg of the journey, but a 4-wheel drive is preferred. Continue reading “A trip to Roger’s Trough and the “Treasure Trove””

Feeling Superior

Town Hall Superior AZApache Leap swerves as the backdrop to this old Arizona mining town.  Founded in the late 1870’s, Superior was originally named Queen, due it’s proximity to Queen Valley and the Queen Creek.

Later it became Hastings, and in 1902 it became Superior, after the Lake Superior and Arizona Copper Company.

The Magma mine (also the Silver Queen), and later the Silver King mine depleted all of the silver. The mines changed hands, just in time for copper to become king.

The copper industry supported the town for years. Superior has had its ups and downs following the trends of the copper industry. Continue reading “Feeling Superior”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Take Five Artists Exhibition

I am one of six artist in Take Five Artists (math is not our strong point). During the month of December 2020 we will have an exhibit at One-oh-One Gallery in Mesa Arizona.

The Gallery is located at 101 Main Street, Mesa, AZ.

Road Trip

A gathering in Mesa

Road Trip yesterday.  We met some folks in Mesa at Superstition Springs.  I think they are Democrats that heard that Trump got the Covid…

Shortly after we spotted at least 50 vultures circling in the sky. I have not seen so many in one location ever, even here in the desert.

Buffalo Chip Saloon
Buffalo Chip Saloon

We then headed to Goodyear to met up with the rally, and drove the loop around the Valley. Final destination was the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek. Continue reading “Road Trip”

Desert Detritus Clock

Desert Detritus Clock

Who says art cannot be functional? My Desert Detritus clocks are crafted from debris collected from the Sonora Desert

The back is driftwood found on the shores of Canyon Lake. My guess is that it is a chunk of ironwood. Hand rubbed with a finish of linseed oil.

The jawbone is likely from a coyote. I cleaned the jawbone with a mild detergent, being careful to retain the toning created by the Arizona desert sun. A precision clock work ensures accurate time.


Oil on Canvas, 36″x36″

Behind a building at the Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction sits a decrepit 1950’s vintage International Harvester pickup truck.

I was wandering off the beaten track at this well known tourist attraction when I stumbled onto this gem. In its former life, this IH served as a fire truck. The original painting will be on display at my show in December at One-oh-One in Mesa.

University Club

Jake’s o’ Mine at University Club, Phoenix, AZ

“I would never join a club that would have me as a member. ” Groucho Marx

The University Club would probably have me as a member. I gained entrance without joining. The Take Five artists are on display in the University Club. I have five paintings on display, and available for purchase.

All of my paintings are of bars, some local, some famous. Submitting these paintings for this exhibit – on display until January 2021 – placed me in a quandary. Continue reading “University Club”