There are a few things I am enjoying about this so-called “new normal”. Social distancing does work. It may be one of the few truths. Of course I hate people for the most part, so it only goes to say that I have a very close personal space. I don’t like crowds and I don’t appreciate people crowding my personal space, unless they are large breasted blondes pressing against me.

I hate doctors’ offices and waiting rooms with vinyl chairs covered with god knows how many germs.  I always maintained the best place to get sick was at a doctors’ office or a hospital. Now they are forced to clean the furniture many times daily instead of maybe once a week.  They should have been doing this decades ago, knowing full well that their patients were spreading sickness like wildfire. Continue reading “Unmasked”

Death by numbers

Covid-19 Death Counts or fun with numbers

We have been subjected daily to the death count. The mainstream media knows that nothing gets ratings like a tragedy. The worse the tragedy, the higher their ratings. From March 2020 on, the race began to air the most horrific stories.

Worst case scenarios were broadcast daily, while news that would downplay the dangers was given little coverage if not omitted entirely.

On March 16, 2020 The UK’s Imperial College in a discredited study publicly predicted 40 million deaths worldwide. The report claimed that the deaths could be reduced to 20 million if immediate action were taken. “We estimate that in the absence of interventions, COVID-19 would have resulted in7.0 billion infections and 40 million deaths globally this year.”




Neil Ferguson, head of the Imperial College research team, claimed that in the UK alone, 500,000 would die. Neil Ferguson claimed to be an epidemiologist. He is not a physician, and has only a degree in theoretical physics. Continue reading “Death by numbers”

Covid-19 Timeline

Covid 19 Propaganda and Lies

I am sick and tired of the hysteria surrounding Covid-19. Democrats across the board are spewing out falsehoods and lies, laying the blame squarely on President Trump. They claim that if Trump had acted differently early on, we would not face the healthcare crisis we now see.

I have put together a timeline of sorts, with links to sources, to set the record straight. Trump was the first to take action. His actions were based on the best information that was available at the time. Regardless of what you think of the man, th east you can do is base your judgment on factual information. Continue reading “Covid-19 Timeline”