Make Art, Not freinds

Just something  little different – Sturgill Simpson getting away from his country/folk roots.  I like the title of the song.


American Bar Series at the University Club, Phoenix

Jake’s ‘o Mine, Apache Junction, AZ

Jake’s ‘o Mine is one of five American Bar Series paintings I have on display with Take Five Artists at the University Club in Phoenix.

If you scroll down on this link, you will see all of the artists and the work that is on display. All work is available for purchase, and 20% of the purchase price goes to support the University Club.


Desert Detritus Clock

desert detritus clockDesert Detritus Clock

All of my clocks are made from debris and items scavenged on my desert hikes.

This clock did not make it into my last two exhibitions as it was damaged in transit. I finally repaired the clock works this afternoon.

End to Facebook

This morning I downloaded the content I wanted to save (photo and vids and contact list) and then began the process of permanently deleting my Facebook Account. No more Facebook and no more Messenger.

I REFUSE to allow Mark Zuckerberg monetize my content and profit and use that profit to censor any idea that he does not agree with.

In the process, my Facebook Messenger account is also deleted. I got fed up with private conversations between friends being censored. You can find me on, and the secure Signal and Telegram messaging apps.


Just another day

Just another day in Arizona. The curve has flattened, even using the bogus numbers provided by suspicious government entities.

My cactus has survived and thrived despite the scares of the uninformed. The Valley has been deprived of rain just as it has been deprived of unbiased reporting of the current pandemic.

When the rain finally do come, the cactus will thrive and grow.  When the truth about this pandemic finally gets public attention, we will thrive and grow also.

“The truth is out there.”  – Mulder

Take Five

Take 5 Rack Card Front ProofTake Five is a loose affiliation of artists from the East Valley. We are cooperating in a series of exhibitions starting this month.

These images are mock ups of cards we are printing. Information on upcoming shows will be posted as I get it

My Body, My Choice

I am beginning to sound like a broken record with this current rant.

For those too young to understand, a record is a vinyl disc with grooves, well, one groove – one groove that a diamond tipped stylus rides in and transmits vibrations that are then converted into an electromagnetic signal that is sent to magnets surrounded by paper cones and converted once again into sound waves.  These audible sound waves are called music. Continue reading “My Body, My Choice”

Knowing Mo

Knowing MoWorking on the latest book. It has been four years since Morel “Mo” Pagano passed. I have finally gotten around to sorting through the piles of ephemera we left in my care –  personal mementos,  hand written drafts of articles, cartoons – all of which are being compiled in this retrospective of his life, in his own words.

I am getting help from those that knew him well.  In this book I am being careful not to tread on or duplicate stories from his three books. All three remain in print and are available from Continue reading “Knowing Mo”

Home Brew

Back in the 1980’s – I am giving my age away – I used to home brew beer. In the day, craft brewing was not yet a thing. The swill I learned to brew was undrinkable by today’s standards.

I began with recipes for pilsners and lagers. My most successful beers were stouts.

My projects yielded at most a case at a time. One memorable failure involved two cases of a pilsner I was brewing. Two o’clock one morning I was rudely awakened by explosions that sounded as if they were emanating from my basement. Continue reading “Home Brew”