INFERNO, burning the bridges behind us

INFERNO, burning the bridges behind us
222 pages of fascinating insights by artists and musicians from the pages of the infamous Inferno Newspaper.

From 2000 til 2007 I published an underground arts newspaper in South Jersey, It covered the arts scene in New Jersey and Philadelphia, and other points on the map.

With a slate of a dozen contributors, we enjoyed a good run. The then economy tanked.  Not one to stop capitalizing on a good thing, I pulled the best articles from every issue and compiles them into one journal.

The full color edition sells for a premium at $40.98, still a steal in this day and age! Available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.   If the price is too high you cheap bastard, you can get the economy edition for $14.98, also at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The economy edition contains all of the wit and wisdom of the premium edition, only in black and white.

In addition to the original articles, every writer also contributed forwards and never before published articles for this unique book. this is a must have for your bathroom library, and in case of emergency, the pages can be used in the place of toilet paper.



Superstition Watercolor

Waterlogue is an inexpensive app for the creative types. $3.99 – cheap.

The app is available for PC’s and Macs, as well as iPhones and iPads. I use it on my Windows laptop when I want to develop digital artworks, or just feel like playing around.

For the student, it can help you learn how to translate scenes into watercolors. It will turn any photograph into a watercolor version. Of course it is no substitute for actually painting, but is a useful resource for getting ideas.

Free Graphics Program

PhotoPea is an excellent free graphics program.

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, or use Photoshop for any reason, and want to be free of Abobe’s strangulating pay per month scheme, PhotoPea is a robust professional level graphics editing application.

If you are well-versed in Photoshop, then the learning curve is lean. One caveat, it is a web based application, so you must have a good high speed internet connection. Continue reading “Free Graphics Program”

Custom Vinyl

Custom RTA Vinyl

I know it ain’t much.  I set apart a side of the studio for my new graphic design business.  I invested in a vinyl plotter, and am able to do custom vinyl design and installs.

I offer competitive prices to local businesses.  There is no need to go online and buy from a stranger!

In addition to custom vinyl, I am able to print banners and flags. I specialize in media that supports our troops, as well as supporting “Shop Local!”

Custom Flags

Two Decades of Selected Solo, Invitational & Juried Exhibitions

Gallery One-Oh-One, Mesa, AZ

Two Decades of Selected Solo, Invitational & Juried Exhibitions and other stuff:

This month I will have been on this planet for 60 years. This comes as a surprise to many friends and family.

I have been actively exhibiting  for 2 of those six decades.  Oh, I was in art shows prior to 2001.  But thereabouts, I decided to take my art from hobby to professional. That was the beginning of my American Bar Series of paintings of local dive bars. Continue reading “Two Decades of Selected Solo, Invitational & Juried Exhibitions”

There was an old woman…

There was an old woman lived in a shoe…

This found object, re-purposed assemblage is one of three I submitted to an exhibit in Phoenix.

Sometimes my pieces have messages, sometimes they are merely whimsical. Sometimes they are both.

I am not going to tell you which is which.

Brother do you have the time?

Desert Detritus Clock – Jawbone

I have time. Lots of time for the next three months.

This Monday past I had surgery on my rotator cuff and right bicep. The surgeon told me I had the biggest tear i a rotator cuff he has ever seen.  The detached bicep tendon was just an added bonus.

Today is the first I was actually able to function. Typing is a chore.  My right arm is bound in a sling, and movement is very limited.

I took the time to enter three different art exhibits throughout Arizona.  Each features various subject matter, although all are of my found object assemblage pieces.

Either I will be busy exhibiting this fall, or I will have more rejection slips to add to my collection.

Summertime Blues

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t you believe it!

It is summer in the Superstitions. Temperatures have been hovering around 110° F. Monsoon is here, driving up the humidity which is a rare thing in the desert.

The studio is close to unbearable except for late at night when I have begun the process of embalming myself with alcohol. Continue reading “Summertime Blues”

Make Art, Not freinds

Just something  little different – Sturgill Simpson getting away from his country/folk roots.  I like the title of the song.


American Bar Series at the University Club, Phoenix

Jake’s ‘o Mine, Apache Junction, AZ

Jake’s ‘o Mine is one of five American Bar Series paintings I have on display with Take Five Artists at the University Club in Phoenix.

If you scroll down on this link, you will see all of the artists and the work that is on display. All work is available for purchase, and 20% of the purchase price goes to support the University Club.