Covid idiocies

Covid sucks. There is no doubt that if you are among the immunocompromised or high risk groups, you don’t want to get covid-19. Diabetic? Morbidly obese? Undergoing chemo? But if you art otherwise healthy, or have recovered from Covid-19, you have little to fear.

Mass hysteria is a far worse epidemic than Vovid-19, even the new variants which even the CDC is saying is less severe than the initial strains.

Ever Heard of Ivermectin_? So why the silence on alternative treatments that have been proven effective in exchange for this insistence on vaccines that have no data on long term effects and dangers?

Zelenko Protocol Why are so many young people, at little risk, who refuse to eat GMO foods so eager to take the jab and and play dice with their own RNA?

Why have the pharmaceuticals involved been granted total immunity from lawsuits, including lawsuits for willingly distributing medicines that have adverse effects?  Do we really believe that the pharmaceutical companies are above reproach, that they have NEVER pawned bad products for sheer profit?

Why is nobody asking why the CEOs of all of the pharmas hawking the vaccines became BILLIONAIRES overnight?

This document from the CDC website is interesting, and a bit scary.  You have to read the fine print. If you have ever read Orwell’s 1984, you will understand government doublespeak. The CDC is hinting at internment camps for the unvaccinated.


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  1. Carl,
    It’s not too late to come back home….

    “What profit is there in gaining the whole world (fame) but losing your soul”?

    REAL outlaws follow Jesus the Christ!
    He misses you……a lot!

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