Dem old bones

dem old bonesOld bones…

I have to get back into the studio. The temps are finally dropping below 100° (for you readers that only know Celsius, that is 37.7°) and we will finally be able to open the windows in the house at night. The studio will soon be habitable.

I have a show coming up in May, 2019. I have two or three new American Bar Series paintings I am working out in my head.  I need to create more Desert Detritus Clocks. A friend suggested I do Calder style mobiles with the bones.

I think I have at least three clocks with the bones I already have. Monsoon is almost over, and soon we will be able to hike the Superstitions again. There is always fresh detritus after monsoon.

I have plenty of Found Object Sculptures that I can show in the exhibit, they have only shown once before, if ever. But I am trying to have mostly new work for this exhibit. I don’t want my work to be a pile of old bones.


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