Friday Night Shift

Friday Night Shift Friday Night Shift
Oil on Canvas, 24″x30″

Everyone needs a safe haven, a place where everybody knows your name.  “Friday Night Shift” is the latest in my American Bar Series of paintings.

Captain’s in Apache Junction is my home away from home. Captain’s, where you may one day see someone ride his horse through the bar. Captain’s, where you might see the owner dancing on the bar. Captain’s, where Mary one day took a sledge hammer to her credit card machine, and since then has been cash only. Captain’s, with the coldest beer on draught in Apache Junction.

“Friday Night Shift” will be on exhibit at the Holland Gallery in Carefree, AZ from March through April 30. The mailing address is Scottsdale, but the gallery is actually located in Carefree.

Take Five Artists have the gallery for two months. I will have 17 pieces on display. I have 4 oil paintings on exhibit, the rest are my found object assemblage pieces.

Each of the five artists in our group, while sharing similar worldviews, express our art differently. My oil paintings are neutral, politically, while celebrating the social fraternity of the local pub. My assemblage pieces typically have an overt political message open to the interpretation by the viewer.

The artists will host a reception on March 21, 2021, 2pm-4pm open to the public.

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