Holland Gallery Opening Reception

Take Five Artists Opening reception at Holland Gallery in Carefree, AZ.

Finally! We had an opening reception at a gallery that did not mandate masks!

Holland Gallery is a fantastic space for artists. The staff is top notch, friendly, helpful, loving. I wish I had more paintings for display. I am working on more, trust me.  Most of my available work is three-dimensional. The gallery is geared to paintings, and I have four paintings on display.

I guess I am a multi-dimensional artist. I paint in oils. I create 3-dimensional sculptures from found objects – garbage to most (people).

Holland may not be the best forum for my sculptural pieces. It is absolutely a great gallery for 2-dimnsional, as you can see from our show.

I am blessed to have been selected to become a part of our group, Take Five Artists. We each have our own style and technique. We are each unique, but have a bond that unites us as persons as well as artists.

Holland Gallery gave us free reign to display our work, and the freedom to have our opening sans masks. The wine flowed freely, mostly into my stomach.

The exhibit is up for the rest of the month of March. I have four paintings on display, and several of my sculptures and desert detritus clocks in the display case.

No matter your taste in art, you will find something that you enjoy.

We had a great attendance of friends today. This was the first REAL opening in over a year of shutdowns and quarantines and fear.

Take Five Artists are fearless. We hope to lead the way to a new year of openness and getting back to the old normal. Screw this new normal! Our abnormal is a normal of freedom and fearlessness!

I want to personally thank the Holland Gallery for hosting our show. I want to thank the people that showed up in support.

There is an energy you get from an art show that cannot be described. Creating art is a process. I think most artists would create art whether or not people come to enjoy it or buy it. I cannot not create art. I always hope that people enjoy it, but whether they do or not, I will continue creating my art.

A former girlfriend admonished me for my subject matter and style. She told me to paint things people would buy. I suppose that is why she is an ex.  I can only paint what I want to paint. And I can only paint like I paint. If I don’t love what I am doing, there is little reason to pursue it.

Life is not worth living if you do not enjoy life. Painting, and art, is not worth pursuing if you are not creating, as THE Creator intended.

We are all creators. What are you creating? What am I creating? As Jeff Goldblum’s character in Jurassic Park said. “Life will find a way.” or something along those lines.

I think all of the Take Five Artists have figured out a way to make life find a way!

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