How to tile a floor

mosaic floor We had a floor that was bare plywood. Money was at a premium, when is it not?

We had tons of sample tiles from tile stores, but not enough to tile a floor. What to do?

Being artists, we did what an artist would do. We tiled the 16′ x 20′ floor one day with broken sample tiles.

It took one day to lay the tile, and one day to grout. We chose mostly natural colors, with a few colorful tiles in between.

The tiles were free, we had to buy the thinset mortar. For under $100 and a couple days of intense work, we had a masterpiece.

You don’t have to be rich to look like you can afford a work of art on your floor!

This was the first project I did with mosaics. It was not long before I was doing large scale public installations.

Everything has a beginning.


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