If Artists Don’t Speak Out…


If artists are too afraid or brainwashed to think for themselves and speak out, who will? The time for complacency has ended.

Today a bill, H.R 4980 has been introduced to forbid travel between the states by US citizens. This is despite the 5th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees liberty, which includes the freedom to travel.

The Supreme Court acknowledged that “liberty” as defined in the constitution includes freedom to travel freely between states:

Kent v. Dulles 357 US 116 (1958)

“The right to travel is a part of the ‘liberty’ of which the citizen cannot be deprived without the due process of law under the fifth amendment.”

Are we so willing to forfeit our freedoms for a false sense of security?  Are we willing to take a drug that was pushed through approval with no idea of long term effects when other vaccines took decades to approve. No vaccine for an influenza has ever worked, and has always required new annual vaccines.

There is continuing evidence that the vaccines are losing effectiveness. There is absolutely no long term study – how can there be for a vaccine that is less than a year old?  Are to trust the CEOs of the big Pharma’s that created these vaccines, when they have everything to win and nothing to lose?  They all became billionaires overnight, and cannot be sued even if it is proven they lied or hid evidence of negative side-effects.

From all reports, while the Delta variant may be more contagious, all evidence points to it being less severe. There are many alternative treatments that are as effective for treating Covid-19 than vaccines that are not preventing it.

Fifty fully vaccinated democrats from Texas took a flight to Washington DC. Five of them came down with Covid-19 – which is 10%.  That percentage is much higher than the CDC is admitting for “breakthrough” cases, which the CDC insists is less than 1%.

But enough about facts.  People hate facts, they love drama and fearmongering.  As an artist, I have always lived on the edge. I am sad to see that many artists today are willing to forgo freedom of thought, freedom of action, and willing to become sheep and blindly follow the orders of the establishment – the same establishment that has historically trodden the rights of artists.

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