Last in the series – Cheez-it

We were the winning bid to design and fabricate props for floats in the Fiesta Bowl parade.

One float, sponsored by, you guessed it, Cheez-It – wanted huge Cheez-It boxes.
Made of 3/4″ plywood, the boxes were then wrapped in printed vinyl. The boxes were to be the backs of two sets of bleachers on a float for the parade.

For the frame, instead of relying on 2’x2′ fir which from most home supply stores tends to warp and twist, we cut from 3/4″ plywood to ensure straight pieces. Yellow wood glue and plenty of brads from a nail gun secured the pieces much that was necessary for the three hours they would see use.

On a creativity level this is probably close to zero. On a fun scale, this sure beats the hell out of printing yard signs on coroplast.

In this life we have to earn money to pay bills. I have been fortunate to have skills to give me jobs that allow to explore my creativity and to things that are fun!

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