Gil Bear’s

Gil bears was the epitome of a Millville Neighborhood bar.

The Kerr Glass 3rd shift workers would congregate at Gilbears when their shift ended. 8am would bring a packed bar.

With the demise of Kerr Glass, and the glass industry in general, Gil’s took a hit. There wasn’t enough of a neighborhood to support a bar.

Pretty soon, Gil was open only a few hours a day, and on Sundays for the dart league.

Sadly, a few years ago the landmark tavern burned to the ground. I managed to get a few good paintings before he closed the doors for good.

Desert Detritus Clocks

This clock was made from a chunk of cholla root I found in a wash after monsoon.  Polished by the sun and wind and rains in the desert, it had a very sculptural feel to it.

The base was a wood base most likely from an old lamp. The lid to an old oil can (remember those?) fit over the base.

It took a little bit of work with the Dremel to hollow out the back so that the clock works would fit. The only finish is a few coats of linseed oil to keep the wood fresh.

Dog Run

The Dog Run. Oil on canvas.

The Dog Run is one of the first bars we explored in AJ after moving here. I don’t go there often because of the karaoke, I have to be in the mood to watch people that can’t sing try to.

During snowbird season, service is lacking… ad the all you can eat fried fish is that, $9.99 is you can get served.

They do have pool tables, all year around. And great bar food. It is a great locals bar during the off season. But, somehow I gravitate to Captain’s.

Cowboy Bill’s in Key west

Cowboy Bill’s is not a local dive. It is a redneck bar in Key West. Tricycle races,  bucking bronco, and good times.

Maybe next year I will get back to Key West. Of course most of my time will be spent at the Green Parrot, a real bar. But Cowboy Bill’s is a great place to waste an evening. I came in second in the trike races. I just have to be sure not to choose the bike with a loose front wheel.

Cabanas, Cape May

Back in Jersey, life was not always bad. Sure, we had the Lou Magazzu’s and George Norcrosses to deal with, along with the surety that every election was crooked.

My big mouth ensured that I was on Norcross’s list. Judge Gary Wodlinger, before becoming a judge, warned me that I was messing with the wrong people, but unlike him, I felt integrity was important in the political process.

But enough of that bullshit. Cabanas! Cabanas was one of two bars in Cape May that hosted the jam sessions for the twice annual Cape May Jazz Festival. Friend Alan Weber always reserved a table for us.  Lou Capozzoli, owner of Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar in south Philly would join in with Alan Weber, both playing sax, during the jams.  Gino White would often join in on guitar.

We never missed the jams, always going with the Old man, Mo Pagano. I miss the Old Man. We would meet us at out house, and pour a shot of Dewars in his coffee before we headed out to Cap May. We were always first in line, watching the waves hit the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, rain or shine.

It was never long before Mo had singled out an attractive young woman to dance with. He sure could cut a rug.

As Mo used to say, “Good times!”

It’s official – upcoming exhibit

Exhibition – May 2019

Gallery 50, Bridgeton, NJ

I will be exhibiting new work next year along with Liz Nicklus in New Jersey.

Yes, Sharon Kiefer, director of Gallery 50, finally gave me a reason to return to New Jersey, albeit for a few days.

Liz and I will be at the opening reception on the First Friday of May. We will be displaying our paintings and mixed media 3-dimensional art. I will post more as time rolls on.

Desert Detritus Clock

Desert Detritus Clocks

I love to hike the Superstitions. We are in summer, so only the stupid hike… with 105 degree temps on a cool day, hiking is a dangerous undertaking.

We are in the beginning of monsoon season… massive flooding and rivers of water in the washes strong enough to take a car a mile downstream.

The nice thing about monsoon is the detritus that flows down the washes. Bones, bleached wood, old metal and cholla branches are all components I use in my one of a kind clocks.

So, does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care?

Independence Day

The only thing this post has to do with Independence Day is it was written on July 4.

I have been invited to exhibit my art in New Jersey in May of next year. It is good that the date is far away, It gives me time and incentive to get behind the easel again.

I took inventory of paintings that I have, that have never been shown. I spent the morning photographing them. Now I have reason to post more .

These paintings are all part of my American Bar Series.  Comprised of mostly local neighborhood and dive bars, the series documents drinking establishments from coast to coast.

Today’s painting is titled “Captains”. Oil on canvas, 8×10, and framed.

Captain’s is my go-to dive bar in Apache Junction. The owner and regulars are like a second family. On any given Friday, you can find Liz and myself there.  So, until next time, have a drink on me.


Carvin Jones

Local blues legend Carvin Jones has been coming to Apache Junction on a regular basis this year. I am pretty regular in AJ, but then again, I live here.

Born in Texas, from what I hear, Carvin calls Phoenix, AZ his home. Clapton and Albert Collins both called him an up and coming star in blues.

Carvin has toured on three continents and who knows how many countries? The only one I care about is ours, when he is in Pinal County.

Not true, he has toured and played for our troops across the globe. He plays for the troops.

Last week he was at Lucky Strikes in AJ. Lucky Strikes used to be Jake’s O’ Mine, a biker bar. Lucky’s is within crawling distance of our house. Lucky for me.

The first time I saw Carvin Jones was at the Monastery in Mesa. He was solo that night, and rocked the house on a Monday night.

If you want to hear Stevie Ray Vaughn and Hendrix and Buddy Guy in one night… Carvin does it all.