Road Trip

A gathering in Mesa

Road Trip yesterday.  We met some folks in Mesa at Superstition Springs.  I think they are Democrats that heard that Trump got the Covid…

Shortly after we spotted at least 50 vultures circling in the sky. I have not seen so many in one location ever, even here in the desert.

Buffalo Chip Saloon
Buffalo Chip Saloon

We then headed to Goodyear to met up with the rally, and drove the loop around the Valley. Final destination was the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek.

I made some new friends, had a few well deserved beers, a good lunch, and just relaxed after a one hundred and sixty-five mile drive. We walked around and took a few photos. There was an interesting mix of people.

Twenty years ago Cave Creek was a desolate road with a couple bars on it.  It is now a destination.

This was our first time at the Buffalo Chip. This bar has a mechanical bull and they also host real bull riding events. The menu us what you would expect from a saloon in cowboy country.

Buffalo Chip Saloon
Buffalo Chip Saloon

There is a hitching post and trough out front, so no matter what you ride in, you have a place to park.

The saloon does not prohibit firearms, as long as you are not sitting at the bar or drinking alcoholic beverages. I left my sidearm in the truck, since I was imbibing.

Buffalo Chip SaloonThe grounds around the saloon are rather large, with not only lots of overflow parking, but room for any variety of events.  The servers are phenomenally cute. Despite a huge crowd of hundreds, once at our table out back, we were promptly served.

Buffalo Chip Saloon
Old Dodge will still out run any new Chevy…

We wandered around the grounds. There is a bit to explore, if you are in the mood. I love old rusty trucks, maybe because they remind me of myself.

We took the back way home, so that I could get some more photographs of a stretch along Pima Road in Scottsdale.

ScottsdaleI have posted this before, but wanted to get better photos with my Canon EOS.

The owner of this stretch of road has probably pissed off most of Scottsdale. I expect that it will be developed shortly, and the unique art lining the highway will soon disappear. In my mind, that will be a shame. But that is progress!

In this area, the slum homes start at $500,000. Sonny Barger, former president of the Hell’s Angels lives in Cave Creek.  Alice Cooper lives in the west Valley. The estates in this area are home of many NFL players, and high tech billionaires.

The Valley is quickly changing. It seems everywhere I go, whether east Valley or West, I see wanton development. California expatriates are flocking here in droves.  I only hope they vote to prevent Arizona from becoming another California.

Across the highway from this desolate tract are gated communities. I would think it would be in the best interest of these residents to preserve this tract of land. I have no stake other than preserving the history via photographs.

The city of Scottsdale has made repeated attempts at having these landmarks removed. To the elected officials it is nothing more than an eyesore, as well as a black eye due to the infighting. Fortunately the courts have sided with the landowner that the displays qualify as public art.

The totems and candy canes that line the road are a welcome respite from the strip malls, retail stores, and housing developments that now make up most of Scottsdale.

We arrived home safely, and just in time for me to crash in my easy chair, tired from a full day of exploring the Valley.


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