Superior Art Walk

The plan is – whichever one of us wins the lottery first is buying a place in Superior, AZ.

If you are looking for artists, real artists, not Sunday painters or art school has beens, but real artists, they are in Superior.

Superior, AZ has been undergoing  major transformation in the seven years that we have been here. It started with a few people that believe. It is exploding.

We drove out today. We checked out the galleries, all featuring outsider art. The art is real, from the heart. No cowboy art. If you want that, go to the Old West Museum in Snottsdale. I mean Scottsdale.

I hope that Superior doesn’t become too gentrified.

The houses are still affordable, $120k being one of the higher listings.

I can see myself living in a house/studio downtown.  To be sure, the sidewalks roll up at 8pm. The nightlife is what happens at your hacienda.

If we didn’t relocate to Apache Junction, Superior would be my second choice.

In five years, nobody will be able to afford to buy in Superior. Buildings that are being given away will dictate prime prices.

The downtown has changed dramatically in the last month since our last visit. The town is building a farmer’s market downtown. The murals are being restored. Slowly, buildings that were collapsing are being renovated. There is no tear down and replace; the town seems to understand the importance of restoration.

Porters is the local downtown bar. Yes, there is La Mina. La Mina is only open during the week. Sometimes. And it is an old man bar. Meaning, don’t order a vodka and orange juice because the juice might be 6 months old. Porters is a bar that caters to the snowbirds that flock in during the winter, and also to the locals all year around.

I have 6 years until retirement. Hopefully by then I will be able to fill shows locally. I love the Superstitions in my backyard. But Apache Leap has a history too. Maybe not as pleasant, but still poignant.

I can be happy anywhere. When I was young and foolish (I am older now) I hated where I lived. I thought that life would be better if I moved… left town. I turned 18, loaded up my truck and moved from New Jersey  to Florida.  In Florida, there was misery still. Fucking state! So I moved to North Carolina. Misery still! All of these miserable places to live… where could I go to find happiness?

It turns out that you create your own happiness. Are you unhappy? You have no one to blame but yourself!

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  1. I have bought paintings before in the American Bar Series and I would like to buy more. Let me know what is available and the prices. Still a great lover of this Real Art!

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