When I was young I used to go to church.

Church is the house of god. But the bible says you are a temple… so any time I am with myself, then I am at church. 

Fellowship, that is what they say church is for. Really? You sit in an uncomfortable pew listening to some guy telling you how to live your life? Sitting next to people you do not know, and if you did you would not like them.

I have had more true fellowship at the bar, talking to strangers than I ever had in a building packed with liars and hypocrites. People pretending to be perfect, when even their holy word proclaims that none is perfect.

Preachers teach that you have to go to church, but they fail their duty to teach people to know god on their own. They claim to be shepherds, but never tell anyone that the purpose of a sheep is to be raised for the slaughter.

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