The lights are on but nobody’s home

Sometimes art is just for art. Sometimes, it is not.

My paintings are generally not editorials, they are paintings of a moment in time, a moment in my time.

My Desert Detritus Clocks, I suppose, are a statement in environmentalism, of respect (or evidence of disrespect) for one’s environment.

My found objects generally have a political or religious overtone.

Most of the pieces present ideas that are apparent for those that are tuned into current events. The religious pieces are more obscure. And some pieces have no meaning except to a few select people.

This piece served a purpose at one time, mostly to piss off political assholes in a town I used to live in. Some newspaper articles concerning closed-minded assholes that sought to prevent anything positive from happening in our town, and a fake light bulb along with a title guaranteed to inflame their sensitive natures…

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